ETL504 – TL as Leader – Blog 3

In implementing a school wide digital literacy program, you initially need to have the support of your principal. A brief report, backed up with evidence, identifying your particular school needs and the best ways to address these needs is essential.

At a staff meeting we have already collaboratively discussed digital literacy and how we can meet the ICT General Capability in the Australian Curriculum. As Teacher Librarian, I have offered to put together a potential program next year for trial implementation across the school. I have explained that this year I have too many other commitments to contemplate instigating such a major program. This open communication at a staff meeting was very important so that everybody knows that this is a plan for next year.

I have/would continue to conduct extensive research into similar programs and see how they can be adapted to fit our school’s context. This may include combining a variety of different ideas or concepts to form a suitable school program. In addition, collaboration with other staff members is vital to ensure that they have adequate input into the program. This in turn would smooth the implementation process as there would be a greater support and conceptual understanding of why the program is vital in the 21st Century if other staff members are involved. Empowering others to be involved in the process and building strong teams would be fundamental (Lewis, 2011).

I am looking forward to the trial implementation and making any necessary changes to ensure a successful digital literacy program across the school.


Lewis, L. K. (2011). Communication approaches and strategies. Organizational change creating change through strategic communication (pp. 144-176). Chichester, West Sussex, U.K.: Wiley-Blackwell.

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