ETL504 – TL as Leader – Blog 2

TLs must be proactive and adaptable as our role will change exponentially into the future. Therefore it is imperative that TLs embrace Tapscott’s 4 principles of collaboration, transparency, sharing & empowerment.
Collaboration – By working with other staff members and not re-inventing the wheel when planning and programming, we can ensure a more effective school wide approach to teaching and learning.

Transparency – Keeping other staff members informed through effective communication and attendance at staff meetings, development days etc. reinforces support and unity within the school.

Sharing – Continually sharing and expressing ideas and information throughout school networks and with other TLs to build a repertoire of differing ideas and knowledge.

Empowerment – Empowering students and other staff members through sharing, teaching, guiding and scaffolding them through the process of developing critical information literacy skills so that they themselves become empowered and are able to deal with technology (and the 21st century) effectively and efficiently.

The TL’s role will continue to evolve. Accordingly, TLs must embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

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