ELT504 – TL as Leader – Blog 1

Leadership is complex. It is not about one person setting the goals and expecting others to follow them. It is about empowering others to become leaders by building on individual strengths within an organisation (Avolio, 2009, p. 422).  You can only do this through having excellent communicaton skills, working collaboratively, having a school wide focus (not an individual one) and by being proactive with the ability to change as circumstances do.  Adaptability is a key criteria to be an effective leader  (Kotter – Change Leadership).

I have met some wonderful (and not so wonderful) leaders in my time. Fortunately I work with some terrific leaders who are inspirational and incredibly supportive of my role as TL encouraging me to step up in a leadership role.


Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F. & Weber, T. J. (2009). Leadership: Current theories, research and future directions. Management Department Faculty Publications. http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/managementfacpub.

Kotter International. Change Leadership. http://www.kotterinternational.com/ourprinciples/change-leadership.

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